Scope of services provided

ihD provides essential and timely professional consultancy in the ELV, IT, PABX, Security, Audio-Visual, and Acoustics disciplines, with fully-detailed design services carried out entirely in-house:

  • ELV Extra-Low Voltage Systems. Design, comprising the extra-low voltage systems for Facilities, such as Building Management Automation, Car Park Management system, Guestroom Management Systems, and more

  • IT Information Technology Service. Full infrastructure design with full wired optical fibre & copper. As well as wireless network design (using heat map simulation for the wireless modelling), server rooms, and ELV/Telecom closets. PABX, IP and also hybrid IP/analogue, as many clients need to meet restricted budgets, and we are able to design to best-suit these, whilst still offering the users sufficient facilities. IOT Internet of Things is naturally included, as well as embracing various presently-Edge-Technologies

  • Security Systems. Design, incorporating various mixes of surveillance and access-control, as well as Threat-Analysis, Layer 1/2/3 security design, explosives and gun-detection, Guard Tour, MATV/SMATV, IPTV, Lighting Control, PA, Intercom, Car Park Management, Building-Automation/BMS, Guestroom Management Systems. Use of analytics for intelligent and effective surveillance, as well as building-setback and Electronic perimeter defence

  • Audio-Visual Systems. Design all of the Audio, Video, and Control Systems, with Networked AV and Communications, and audio-modelling and simulation for complex/demanding sound spaces, as well as large-format LED and projection-mapping display

  • Architectural & Mechanical Acoustics. Covering sound isolation via walls, floors, glazing, and doors, reverberation control through material finishes and structural considerations, and mechanical/vibration-isolation of motorised and other plant and machinery, as well as traffic noise and various other challenging real-life situations. Noise/vibration-mitigation services are also provided for built-structures, as well as noise surveys

Executive Strategy

Generally, our scope is to co-ordinate with the Clients representatives, Project Managers, and other consultants and contractors to ensure their requirements are met, designing systems, and producing a full set of Tender Documentation, as well as agreeing on the overall budget with the client. Assisting in Contractor-selection and monitoring the project progress and also installation quality, as well as testing and commissioning. Typically the work is executed in several pre-agreed stages:

  • Stage A - Concept Design. Ascertain our clients requirements and budgets, begin the design co-ordination with our peers in the Design Team, and propose a practical solution in the form of a Concept Design document, reflecting our understanding and interpretation of our Clients needs and wishes. Develop initial budgets, and preliminary cable & fibre containment requirements. For Audio-Visual, also issue structural loading estimates for Ballrooms and similar, and for Acoustics, traffic noise survey with Facade- and related design recommendations
  • Stage B - Schematic Design. Negotiate for, and secure, all of the equipment rooms. Develop overall outline System Schematics, and develop preliminary plan and Reflected Ceiling Plan layouts, as well as issue target performance data
  • Stage C - Detailed Design, wherein we fully-co-ordinate and produce all of the physical layout drawings, E&M interface specifications and requirements, detailed system schematics, detailed descriptions, and equipment specifications. Fine-tune costings ND DEVELOP THE Bill of Quatities/Schedule of Rates. For Acoustics, work with the MEP and the architects to embed required acoustic measures and performance parameters into their designs
  • Stage D - Tender Documentation, finalizing the Detailed Design along with the Bill Of Quantities, technical and project requirements specifications, issuing to the bidding parties for competitive pricing. This and the next stage are what saves our clients large sums of money compared with the Design/Build process
  • Stage E - Tender Process where we assist with issue of the tender, tender-return analysis, handling Tender Query process, interviewing, and making final recommendations for award
  • Stage F - Project implementation, which includes the briefing of the appointed AV Contractor, and periodic inspection of the site work & evaluation of the work quality, as well as tracking the project and assisting with final test-and-commissioning, and handover process.

Further Information

For more information about our company, download our Corporate Profile here:

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ihD has qualified as an InfoComm International AV Provider of Excellence, or APEx. The InfoComm APEx program is a marketing recognition program for integration companies and AV design consulting firms dedicated to upholding industry excellence by providing quality service to customers. The InfoComm APEx program recognizes companies based on the number of employees holding key industry certifications, including InfoComm’s CTS credential, completion of continuing education classes, and positive customer survey responses. APEx providers must also prove that they meet or exceed the requirements within 2 ANSI/INFOCOMM standards, the Standard Guide for Audiovisual Systems Design and Coordination Processes and the AV System Performance Verification Standard, to foster better communication between the AV provider and the client.

“The APEx designation gives AV companies a mark of distinction in the marketplace,” said David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, InfoComm International’s Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. “Customers of APEx companies can be confident of the AV provider’s professionalism and commitment to ongoing training, customer service and dedication to excellence.”