Services Provided

ihD provides essential and timely professional consultancy in the ELV, IT, PABX, Security, Audio-Visual, and Acoustics disciplines, with fully-detailed design services carried out entirely in-house:

  • ELV Extra-Low Voltage Systems. Design, comprising the extra-low voltage systems for Facilities, such as Building Management Automation, Car Park Management system, Guestroom Management Systems, and more

  • IT Information Technology Service. Full infrastructure design with full wired optical fibre & copper. As well as wireless network design (using heat map simulation for the wireless modelling), server rooms, and ELV/Telecom closets. PABX, IP and also hybrid IP/analogue, as many clients need to meet restricted budgets, and we are able to design to best-suit these, whilst still offering the users sufficient facilities. IOT Internet of Things is naturally included, as well as embracing various presently-Edge-Technologies

  • Security Systems. Design, incorporating various mixes of surveillance and access-control, as well as Threat-Analysis, Layer 1/2/3 security design, explosives and gun-detection, Guard Tour, MATV/SMATV, IPTV, Lighting Control, PA, Intercom, Car Park Management, Building-Automation/BMS, Guestroom Management Systems. Use of analytics for intelligent and effective surveillance, as well as building-setback and Electronic perimeter defence

  • Audio-Visual Systems. Design all of the Audio, Video, and Control Systems, with Networked AV and Communications, and audio-modelling and simulation for complex/demanding sound spaces, as well as large-format LED and projection-mapping display

  • Architectural & Mechanical Acoustics. Covering sound isolation via walls, floors, glazing, and doors, reverberation control through material finishes and structural considerations, and mechanical/vibration-isolation of motorised and other plant and machinery, as well as traffic noise and various other challenging real-life situations. Noise/vibration-mitigation services are also provided for built-structures, as well as noise surveys

Further Information

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